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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Update!!!!

Our Update!!!!

Today my husband and I spoke to the adoption social worker in our area!!!
We told her that my husband completes his dislocated worker training in 2 years.
The social worker said they are not worried about us having 2 incomes we just need one stable income and a stable home.
We shall begin the initial adoption process in August 2011!!!

The adoption social worker suggested that my husband and I use this time to begin preparations for our child such as: , preparing to be financially and physically prepared for a child such as clothing, bedding, shoes, food, toys,decorating his room and other things that a child will need. She suggested that we prepare our home to be safe and to ensure we are emotionally and physically and of course financially ready to have a child.

We know that we want a son and we know that we prefer a child that is 8-18 months if that is not possible 18 months-3 years of age. The social worker suggested that if Oklahoma does not have a child in that age group that we can look in other state foster care systems and find a child that way also. She said that we should not give up, a child is possible for us but we are being smart by wanting to wait and that we are thinking about the welfare of a child. She is excited and can not wait until 2011 so that we can begin the initial process. We have decided that we will wait until we are ready to finalize before we release it to our family and other friends due to some of the negativity about adoption that we have received.

She suggested that I look into parenting classes at the local DHS office here in my current state. I will begin that process today....

By September 2011 we will celebrate 6 years of marriage and by the time our son comes home with us we will be married 7 years and that will look better as far as longevity of marriage.
We are so happy!!!! We still have not said anything to our families except my parents and grandmother who are supportive.

We are going to keep updating our blog as we continue the "researching process"!!!
I am a current volunteer at the local children's emergency shelter and the social worker said that will give me some experience working with these children and learning from children in the foster care program. The great thing about this opportunity is that my husband and I volunteer together when he is not in class.


Kelly said...

Congrats!!!! 2011 will be here before you know it!!! Praying for you and your hubby during this time!

Bea said...

Thank you Kelly!!!! We appreciate your prayers!!!! :)