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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Decision!!!! ( Concerning the gender of our child)

graphics for moms

Our decision!!!! ( Concerning the gender of our child)

graphics for moms

We have decided on the gender of our child... ( Drum roll please!) lol...

We have decided to adopt a boy!!!!! ( of course you knew that, lol)


The Specifics...

Age: 18 months-2 years
The rest... coming soon!

I am so happy we have finally decided...

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Now we need to learn about raising an adopted child and how to raise boys! :-)
We will post things as we find them, feel free to post your comments! We love comments!
Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions for books and anything that we will need to know or to begin buying.

graphics for moms

Be Blessed & be a blessing!

Be blessed,

Blessed Hannah


blessedfamily said...

I thought you were waiting until next year.

Cant wait to read more!

Bea said...
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Bea said...

Yes we are still waiting for a year but we want to make all necessary decisions before we complete our application process. I wanted a girl, my hubby wanted a boy, but the more I have been around my god brother's son, it makes me want a boy more and more. Thanks friend! :-)