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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wishful thinking on a beautiful day...

Wishful thinking on a beautiful day...
I think it is okay for me to keep dreaming and maybe experts will tell me that what I am doing is harmful, but I say... if you want it and it is in God's will... claim it! "You have not because you ask not", said the word of God.

So here I am at home on a beautiful day that is full of splendor, blue skies, clouds moving well, just a bit of clouds, sun shining brightly as if it was celebrating. Oh what a day. This is the only real part of my beautiful day but I will not complain.

I am thinking about my future son.... a son that has his father's last name, one that, if we are allowed will share the name Joshua Ellis, or Joshua Thomas ( aka) Tommy, or Joshua Thomas McKinley... both names somewhat after my grandfathers and my dad. My husband does not want a son named after him because his name is so unique, LOL. Actually it is very common and he wants our son to have a unique and somewhat common name. Ahhh... to think of the smile that my son will have, bright, sunny, and lovable, a bit mischievous, but super intelligent, sweet, and mannerable.

God please bless us!

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Hmmm... some would say you want a perfect child, I did not say I want him to look like my husband and I. I said he would have those qualities...share the moment with me, I am dreaming here, nothing wrong with that. I am sure that our son will have a beautiful smile no matter what and who ever God sends to us to be our son, we will more than likely be happy and ready to be parents to a beautiful boy. Oh today was a nice warm day, not too hot. So I could imagine our son playing outside with our dog Eboni, and Eboni loves to play hide and go seek so she would cheat, lol. I could hear our son saying, Ebby, you cheated again! LOL. Oh I am so excited, I wish jobs in our area and the economy would become a lot better.

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Be blessed & be a blessing!

Be Blessed,

Blessed Hannah

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