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Friday, July 31, 2009

We Received the Application!!!

We received the application!!!
We are beginning the process on the application as I type this blog, and we have three forms to complete for Oklahoma DHS:
1. The Application
2. The Adoption Assessment Form
3. The Background Check Forms ( 2) - 1/ spouse

My husband and I have almost completed the application, the background check form has been completed, and we have began the adoption assessment form. We are also going to include an autobiogrpahy on each our childhoods, an essay on our parenting style, and how we will work together with children.
My husband normally beats me to the mail box everyday in hopes of the application and last week he beat me to the mail and we were not sure of filling it out, it was overwhelming with so many questions, but after we calmed down, and began to relax, we answered the questions to the best of our ability.

We are so excited and we have began to look at websites to see children who are in the system whose parents have terminated their rights and are legally ready to adopt.
We found 4 boys in Arkansas but we know we can not adopt across state lines, we wish the boys were here in Oklahoma, they are legally ready to adopt, they are so cute and precious, ages 18mos-6years of age. I have learned that when I become stressed out to do this....

" Relax your mind, let the negativity flow away from your mind, allow the positive thoughts to increase, meditate upon the goodness of God, and repeat quietly..." His mercy endures forever... His mercy endures forever... His mercy endures forever...The God I serve is awesome and he can handle every problem I have, the battle does not belong to me, it belongs to him, victory belongs to him. Satan has been defeated!!!!"
---Blessed Hannah

Have a blessed Friday and a blessed week-end!!!!!!!!!

Be blessed in the name of Jesus!

Blessed Hannah

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