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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Final Decision

We have decided to wait one year to begin the adoption application process for DHS. We are going to research more options about adoption, children with special needs, and
bi-racial, and African American children adoptions. We need to understand open adoptions and how they will benefit the child, and how they will affect my husband and I. In a way, we both agreed that with this economy and the way things are going...we should wait, save our money, complete our studies, wait until we both have better jobs, and we are more financially secure. I am still looking for employment since I did not get the job I interviewed for and I was so hurt and heartbroken, so sad, but I know God has something better for me and I shall not be moved. I will look unto the hills from whence my help comes. God is my rock, my shelter, and I will continue to put him 1st!

We know we do not have to be rich, but we want to support a child without government assistance( but if they offer it, we will not say no!) :-)
We both need to take the advice of our families, friends, and our new friends from Adoption Voices. We need to read Adoption books, we need to investigate, research, and then compile our information. We need to be one, a team and decide when, where, and how. We were so excited about the possibilities, that we never thought about what could go wrong, or what if this does not happen the way we want it, or what if the child we are looking for is not the child we receive??? We have so many preconceived notions and we need to really sit down and learn from each other, what do we expect as parents???? How will we discipline??? What will we do for childcare??? Date nights??? Family time??? Who will godparent if something God forbid happened to us???

We have never thought about these questions and I know he has children, but their mother will care for them, but what about the child he and I will adopt? What about our families??/ Will they be willing to accept this child who is not their biological relative? We need to be more logical and rational!
We are working on this new process so please bear with us because our blog will shift into a new direction, it will shift to what we are learning and how we truly feel about what we are learning, different parenting styles we might want to learn, and parenting seminars we have attended.

Please be in prayer for us!!! :-)

Blessed Hannah

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